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If you come to China travel, you should plan well in advance, ran in Chinese cuisine or attractions, if food is more important, it would have to see your taste, if too hot, then I suggest you come to China of Chongqing tourism. A brief introduction to China's tourism resources. Let us first simple understanding of Chongqing.
Chongqing tourist attractions:
Chongqing Travel Guide: diet
Chongqing cuisine belongs to the Department of Sichuan (Sichuan style dishes) branch, the main feature lies in the taste of diversity. Pepper, pepper, pepper, bean paste and so on is the main condiment, in different proportions, then the spicy, hot and sour and spicy pepper hemp, sesame, garlic, mustard, chili oil, vinegar, garlic, smell and so on flavor type, without exception, thick thick alcohol, all kinds of dishes all popular. To Chongqing tourism, be sure to eat an authentic Chongqing hot pot.
Temple: arhat temple, Huayan Temple, Taoist temple, painted Laojun hole
The characteristics of the ancient town: Guzhen Town, Zhongshan City, Laitan Town, gongtan Town, partial rock town, Longtan ancient town, Dongxi Town, Dachang ancient town, Shuangjiang Town, West meituohu Town, Han Feng Town, Baisha Town, an Tao Town, Hong Gu Zhen An, Longxing Town, Sanjiang Town
Natural scenery: Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the small Three Gorges, the Wujiang River Gallery, Baidicheng, Zhang Fei temple, sinkhole to sewing, black Valley, Shibao Zhai, natural bridge, grassland Xiannvshan, red pond dam grassland
Chongqing Tourism Strategy: Accommodation
Chongqing accommodation prices, service level gap is very large. From 20 yuan / bed of the ordinary guest house, to hundreds of yuan a five star guest rooms are. General a star, Capella hotel standard room is in 100 ~ 150 yuan / inter, if it is in the level of Chongqing Youyang, Xiushan economy is relatively backward areas, accommodation price cheaper. Surrounded by mountains, and some of the ancient town of Dazu stone carvings are the family hotel accommodation is 20 yuan / bed.
Welcome to China tourism, to look at the horizon.

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